Sundari et l'Ecole Essentialiste

Le seul vrai changement que le monde réclame, c'est l'effort de chacun pour le bonheur de tous

Wake up, good people and find a new mentality again

(Text written in 1980)

 If you want to instill the taste of killing in your children because you find it natural for people, who are said to be civilized, to murder their fellow men in fratricidal wars, buy them guns, handguns, and miniature canons for the Holidays. And in, turn, they will find their use normal when they will become men- which you will deplore when those weapons will be directed at them and cause their death!

 Wake up good people, if you want to change the mentality and the ambiance of the world starting with yourselves.

 Or then, do not complain about men’s cruelty, if you stir it in your children and if they point their miniature weapons toward you, in a gesture of killing while they are enjoying themselves.


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