Sundari and the Essentialist School

"The only real change the world needs is the effort of each one of us for the happiness of all."

Who's Sundari


Sundari was a French Universalist, philosopher, humanist and writer .She founded the School of Essentialism in 1951 in Paris. Throughout her Life, she helped and motivated people by her love and example to acquire a new way of thinking and living leading to physical, moral and spiritual health.


She herself put in practice everything that she taught. During many years, she committed herself to what she considered to be the essential: the purification of her being by a ceaseless personal reform. Her life completely changed in every domain. She wanted to share the happiness that it gave her with all beings by teaching them the way to achieve it.


She gave her life to help mankind without seeking either glory or money, to disclose the unique way of saving the world through the individual.


“Sundari is a humanist given her global vision of the human being: heart, body and soul… Essentialism is not comparable to any other philosophy, or current of thoughts, because it is the essence of life itself!”

Dr. ABOURAYAM- Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Alexandria


A life dedicated to mankind


Sundari is a pseudonym, in Sanskrit it means “beauty of universal love”, and indeed she was a testimony of lived altruistic love. Through her example, her books, her conferences and interviews all over the world, she transmitted a current of authenticity, unconditional love and life.

Her 20 books (some translated in German, English, Arabic, Armenian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese and Russian) open the windows, the hearts and the consciences and bring men to reflection.


“Many books of high Spirituality.”

Mgr. Jean Vernette - Doctor in Theology,

Montauban (France)



The pursuit of perfection


Sundari was hungry and thirsty for Truth and Perfection. Since her tender childhood, she suffered of the human misery. Deep in her heart, she felt that she had to devote herself to mankind with her love, time, and entire life. Through her life’s experiences, she understood that we always attract to ourselves what corresponds to our inner state and that there is a law, the law of Equivalences, by which we harvest what we have sowed. Her spiritual life developed itself in an extraordinary fashion and so visible to the eyes of her surrounding that her loved ones and friends thought that she was to enter in a convent, which made her laugh a lot, because she had no taste for “the religions invented and conducted by men.” She wanted something true, lived, something authentic at each instant, in the gift of herself beyond all human constructions.


“In the sincere desire of speeding up my evolution, and being able to help my fellowmen, I have searched for the Truth. I have found it in me bit by bit, to the extent of my efforts, and my daily struggles. It is in you too, and my only goal is to help you to discover and live it.“


“For many years, I engaged myself in what I was considering essential: the purification of my being in all the domains by a ceaseless personal reform. My only concern was not to be an obstacle to the invading and the free circulation of the universal spirit, life and love.”


“ Only the individual reform can assure the collective reform. Evil is in man and it is in this struggle against evil in him and spreading into the world that I try to lead those who share my ideal of life. “


An ethic of life


“For me, the real life starts within oneself, between the self and the universal. We must not feel separated from the others. And the Love I have always cultivated, was a propensity to unite with the universe and with all the beings of the world and love them as they were, and whoever they were, for this unity not to become mental, but to be a reality of every moment.”


“It is not enough for me to be happy, others should be happy as well.”


“I am here to try to ripen the heart and the spirit of my fellowmen, to help them direct them toward the Creator, count on Him, and count on His Strength and His Love.”




A message for mankind


“ I think that the time has come when all men should tear off their religious, political and other labels, unite in universal love, find and love each other like brothers, all as children of the same Father: the creative, beneficial, intelligent and good Power that rules the universe. It is my profound conviction that we are all closely connected in the cosmic conscience and come from the same universal matrix to which we must finally return.“


“ I feel driven by an extraordinary force of Love to help people all over the world to find this unique source to which all the religion refer. And I do this by showing them the necessity to improve themselves during their terrestrial passage by putting the cosmic laws into practice.”


“ I do not take myself for somebody; I do not even try to be something. I have the deep feeling that I am nothing other than a speck of dust on which the spirit wants to blow, when He wants to show its direction. My Strength is to be above all sincere and to let speak what I “receive” and pass by the depth of my heart, this in the most total self-effacement, and humility. My strength is knowing that I am nothing, and that the One who inspires me is everything, absolutely everything and that in Him, we find, the remedy to all the ills and the solutions to all the problems, as long as we approach Him.“



“ My own convent is the world, and it is in the world that I want to serve God through all my fellowmen, without any disguise, in the total freedom of my heart and my conscience.”


(Quotes from the autobiographic notes and interviews by the Swiss French Radio)

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